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Explanation of Terms:

RANK - Rankings are based on subjective experiences with these sites. I'm sure that there are many deserving sites out there that did not receive a ranking, and I will be glad to consider any suggestions. Under no circumstances will I consider a ranking for an auto-surf site, so please don't ask.

SURF RATIO - The first number is the number of pages that you receive. The second number is the number of pages that you must surf. Example - 1:2 means that receive 1 pageview for surfing 2 pages.

JOINING BONUS - This is an incentive to join the program. Most programs that offer joining bonuses require you to surf a minimum number of pages to get the bonus (usually between 25 and 100 pages).

TIMER - The amount of time that you must spend viewing each webpage to get credit. This is a double-edged sword. Longer timers ensure that your webpage will load, but slows credit accumulation. Shorter timers may not get your page fully shown, but the credits accumulate quickly.

DOWNLINE - Incentives to refer others to the program. There are generally three types of downline incentives. The first is the commissions incentive, which is a cash commission that you receive whenever a member of your downline purchases something from the traffic exchange. The second is the credits incentive, which is a percentage of credits that you receive when a member of your downline surfs the traffic exchange. The third is the bonus incentive that you receive for referring new members, which often include credits and cash. These incentives are powerful reasons to build your traffic exchange downlines.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES - This is the main thing that makes this site stand out from the rest.

Here is a "must have" for the active surfer. CrazyBrowser is a free browser download that is customized for the click-thru program user. It allows you to surf as many programs as you want at the same time by opening multiple pages in the same browser. This saves valuable computer resources because your computer doesn't have to deal with opening many windows. It also has a built in pop-up blocker. One feature that I have found particularly useful is using the F2 and F3 keys to quickly move from site to site. You have to try this!